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Our capabilities cover all areas of marine services from offshore secutiy, rig moves, offshore transportation, and automotive gas oil (AGO), anchor handling to iceberg management and pollution control. Our special focus is high-end operations.

For years, we have led the field in handling the extreme conditions of deep and ultra-deep water, where we provide offshore security vessels, support subsea operations and deliver all other supply services for platforms, rigs and barges. We maintain a fleet with diverse capabilities and can provide the right vessel to meet our customers' needs.

Our vessels serve drilling, production and support offshore construction and maintenance work, and supply automotive gas oil (AGO). Our vessels provide all services for exploration, development and production activities including:

Towing and anchor handling.

Delivery of cargo and supplies, fuel and water.
Transportation for offshore construction & maintenance work.
Ocean Towing.
Standby Safety Vessel.
Supply of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO).
Provision of safety and emergency response services and supporting offshore construction projects.



We also undertake housing, roads, water projects (design and construction of pure water storage system up to one million liter capacity) and provide equipment on lease. Our yards are located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State; Edo State and Lagos State and are equipped with various facilities..